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Which United for Business product is right for your SMB?

If you're an SMB who wants travel benefits and discounts but doesn't know how to get them – we can help.

By Jillian Moynihan

United for Business has extensive product offerings that provide every company with the opportunity to earn benefits and discounts on their travel. It can be tricky to find a plan that works for your company, so in this post we'll break down the products we offer so you can find the best fit.


How to find the best product for your business

Each business is different, which means there isn't a one–size–fits–all product that works for everyone. When your employees travel, what do you expect out of their experience?

Do you care about getting discounts? Or are amenities and upgrades what matter most? Do you want a mix of savings and amenities? How large is your company? Where do you fly to the most?

Answering these questions gets you closer to the product that will work best for your company.


What products do we offer?

United for Business offers a wide range of products to fit your company's needs. The products we offer for SMBs vary depending on how small or large your company is, how often you need to travel and how you want your program managed.

If you're a small company that's looking for discounts and amenities and you don't have a large travel budget, the United for Business travel plans might be right for you.

There are three plans you can choose from:

  • Savings plan: This option offers the most competitive discounts on domestic and international airfares for companies that focus on minimizing trip costs.
  • Productive plan: This plan offers a mix of discounts on airfare and travel add-ons like Economy Plus® for companies with a variety of travel needs.
  • Indulge plan: Our third option offers maximized discounts on travel add-ons like Economy Plus or Premier Access® for companies wanting to provide an elevated travel experience.


United for Business Portal

All three plans give your company's travel manager access to our United for Business travel management portal. The portal is an end–to–end travel program management tool for direct corporate customers of all sizes.

The United for Business portal allows your company's travel manager to view trip and expense reports, disperse corporate travel credits to employees, book and/or change employee trips, receive company fare and ancillary products, and more. This provides a hands-on approach to your corporate travel program and allows you to do more for your company and employees.

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