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We offer unique travel programs and resources for businesses, travel agencies, and groups and meetings.

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Right-size solutions

No matter how big (or small) your company is, United offers travel solutions made especially for your business needs.

Specialty programs

We offer a suite of programs and services uniquely tailored to meet your business needs, including meetings, conferences, groups, and more.

Dedicated support

Most importantly, we offer a personal touch with a team of talented professionals who can answer questions and help with your business travel needs.

Our business products

Looking for a travel solution or more information on the services we offer? Explore our portfolio and find your perfect fit.

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United Jetstream

Many of our products grant you access to our all-in-one corporate and travel agency portal: United Jetstream. Enjoy greater visibility into travel activity, customizable reports, and self-service tools.

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Our network

Enjoy the most comprehensive global route network, including world-class international gateways to Asia and Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East with non-stop or one-stop service from virtually anywhere in the United States.

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