Welcome to United PerksPlus

United PerksPlus℠ awards your company with valuable points every time your company's registered individual MileagePlus travelers travel on United, United Express, and select partners for their business travel. Points can be used in a variety of ways including purchasing and redeeming for:

  • Award travel certificates
  • Converting points to MileagePlus miles and deposited into individual traveler’s accounts
  • United Club℠ annual membership or books of one-time passes
  • United MileagePlus® Premier Gold or Silver status

Your company earns points while your travelers receive all the benefits of our award-winning loyalty program, MileagePlus, when they travel. Plus, the more your company spends, the more benefits you earn with Perks Plus Navigator℠.

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How it works

Based on how you fly, your company earns United PerksPlus points tailored to the unique itineraries of your travelers.

Minimum spend required: $5,000 year in U.S., Canada, and Latin America. Members may redeem points once they have earned enough points to meet the lowest redemption threshold specified in the program.

Companies in the U.S. and Canada

Points are awarded based on fare type and fare class, with different multipliers for flights from hub and non-hub markets.

1 point for each $1 USD in Qualifying Revenue × the applicable hub/non-hub multiplier for the fare class purchased.

Levels Fare type Fare class Multiplier
(hub market)
(non-hub market)
1 Last-minute or premium fares F, J, Y, G 3 Points 6 Points
2 Typical business travel fares A, C, B, M, E, U, H 2 Points 4 Points
3 Highly discounted leisure fares D, Z, P, Q, V, W, S, T, L, K, G, F 1 Point 2 Points

Companies based in the Caribbean, Central America and Latin America

Points are awarded based on fare type and fare class with an associated multiplier.

1 point for each $1 USD in Qualifying Revenue × the multiplier identified for the associated booking class purchased.

Levels Fare type Fare class Multiplier
1 Last-minute or premium fares and typical business fares F, A, J, C, D, Z, P, Y, B, M, E, U, H 12 Points
2 Highly discounted leisure fares Q, V, W, S, T, L, K, G, N 3 Points

PerksPlus Navigator℠

PerksPlus Navigator is a new program level for our most frequent business travelers.

Companies must track $400,000 of eligible Qualifying Revenue during the current term in order to qualify for PerksPlus Navigator. The more your employees fly United and our participating carriers, the greater likelihood of earning PerksPlus Navigator status in the program.

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Receive 15% more points for eligible qualifying flights
Enhanced quarterly reporting that provides details on travel spend and redemption patterns
Additional redemption options, such as MileagePlus Premier® Platinum status for your travelers

Points-to-Miles Conversion

Points-to-Miles Conversion is an industry-leading new reward option that offers the ability to convert your company-earned points into MileagePlus® award miles and deposit them into your eligible employees’ individual MileagePlus® accounts.

Consistently voted the world's Best Frequent Flyer Program by Global Traveler magazine, MileagePlus® offers innovative ways to earn and use award miles, from flights in United's global network to once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the latest in entertainment.

United PerksPlus
2 Points
United MileagePlus
= 1 Award Mile

What do we mean by partners?

Our joint venture partnerships gives you access to the most comprehensive global route network, including world-class international gateways to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East with nonstop or one-stop service from virtually anywhere in the United States.

* Lufthansa partnership participates in the U.S. only

How do I track spend and earnings?

Once enrolled, easy online access allows you to:

Manage travelers

Update your registered business traveler list

Redeem points

The company’s authorized representative may redeem points for rewards

Change PIN / password

Your PIN/password is the key to your United PerksPlus account and you may change online

Edit account profile

Update your profile information, such as contact name, address, email address or phone number

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