United's New Distribution Capability is changing the travel buying experience

At United, we believe in using technology to enhance the travel experience. That's why we're investing in NDC (New Distribution Capability) which enables a modern, personalized retailing environment that benefits travelers. With NDC we can offer our best pricing, tailored deals and streamlined purchasing options that make booking travel a breeze. This tech-forward approach also enables travelers to fully tap into all the United NDC channel has to offer such as convenient omni-channel servicing, full product descriptions and loyalty status recognition all on one platform. Join us on this journey to a more seamless and personalized travel experience.

What is NDC?

NDC is a new standard of transmitting data that enables airlines to sell their products in a more contemporary shopping environment. The legacy EDIFACT standard it is intended to replace has for many decades priced point A to point B travel very efficiently with static pricing. With NDC, we can now distribute content in real-time, and offer capabilities such as personalized content, flexible servicing, reporting capabilities, and our best pricing. NDC is part of an industry-wide effort to make buying and selling tickets more convenient and customized for travelers.

  • Personalized
  • Enhanced
  • Corporate
  • Our best
  • Omni-channel

NDC unlocks benefits

United's NDC channel unlocks a variety of benefits for travelers, corporate customers and agencies.

  • Personalized shopping with loyalty status recognition
  • Streamlined shopping on one platform
  • Flexibility to book or change tickets on traveler's preferred channels
  • 40% more price points than traditional channels, based on United’s continuous pricing

  • Customized and negotiated corporate bundles
  • Access to price points that are the same as, or lower than, traditional channels
  • Personalized shopping experience for higher traveler satisfaction
  • Content may be consumed through many of the industry’s most popular online booking tools.

  • Ability to service records regardless of their origin (agency, united.com or United app).
  • Ability to service tickets even if previously modified by United
  • Automated 'carrier' ticketing resulting in fewer debit memos
  • Records that are always in sync
  • NDC enabled desktop tools include Atriis, Sprk, tfDesktop, tfIBE and other agency proprietary tools/aggregators.

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