We collaborated with industry partners to build access to United's enhanced content via NDC.

Connecting to United NDC

Your travel agency can access United NDC content in two ways. Both options issue tickets on United stock (016), which enables servicing in either agency or United channels. If your company works with a preferred travel agency, speak with them about an NDC connection strategy. Your agency may have a plan already in motion.

  1. United Airlines
  2. GDS or Non-GDS
  3. Agency
  4. Online Booking Tool

Global Distribution System (GDS) providers, and United-approved aggregators, are companies that specialize in NDC integrations. This is the most common option for NDC connections as it's quicker to implement and requires minimal IT resources.

Learn more about United approved aggregators.

  1. United Airlines
  2. Agency
  3. Online Booking Tool

A Custom API (also known as “Direct Connect”) offers corporations the flexibility to consume United NDC content and features on their own timeline. It takes longer to build, requires significant IT resources and may be costly. Custom API tends to be the connection strategy for large online travel agencies and tech-forward digital agencies.

To get started with Custom API, please complete this form.

Expense platform integration

United offers full integration (booking, credit card and receipt data) to deliver a seamless experience for travel-related purchases with:

  • Concur
  • Expensify
  • Emburse Certify

Additionally, United offers credit card data integration with the following

  • Navan
  • Cytric
  • KayakBTX
  • TravelBank
  • KDS
  • Zeno

To set up an expense integration, contact one of the expense providers above.

Data platform integration

United offers full integration with industry-leading data platforms Traxo and ARC Universal Connect. To set up integration, contact your provider.

Duty of care integration

United offers free duty of care integrations to several companies. Data is automatically sent every six hours and includes initial booking, as well as PNR changes/irregular operation adjustments.

Data companies with integration:

  • ISOS
  • GardaWorld
  • Crisis
  • WorldAware
  • Drum Cussac

To set up an integration, send a request to: and include your company name as reflected in the providers system, duty of care provider, distribution path (, NDC or both) and start date.

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